My love, my life, the air I breathe FREE TO LOVE. Your my soulmate, my happiness all that I need FREE TO LOVE. Your my light, dark FREE TO LOVE. Your there when I am up as well as my downs, the reason I try FREE TO LOVE. Your Love brings me joy unspeakable FREE TO LOVE.I’m free to laugh uncontrollable, free to be happy, free to scream I LOVE HIM from a mountain top, free to feel love. I am free to love the way he loves me no apology for that.


What if there had been no you? An empty life, boring and blue. When you appeared to me and brought me bliss, joy, happiness. When we are one for the very first time with that very first kiss you know that If. Gone are my empty days of feeling blue. Now here are my happy days with years to come. If you had not cam into my life my If would still be a If but now I can say you turned into an Is Love Is for me .


I could walk away or run for miles I could cross the ocean with raging waves I could climb mountains with steep slopes just to be with the one I love the most. I rather make you my superman night and day then chase someone that dose not hold my heart dear, for no one will ever hold my hear like you the promise we have to one another. The promise to take are vows serious, to trust each other and to never give up together we will be untill eternity